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Worldwide distribution

This is a list of television channels with worldwide distribution via satellite or cable. Due to Internet television, some localized channels might have worldwide distribution. These channels should only be listed only if they also broadcast via cable or satellite.
  • ABS-CBN-TFC (The Filipino Channel) - international television network, based in the Philippines; distributed through cable and DTH subscriptions in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North America. A service of ABS-CBN Global, a fully owned subsidiary of ABS-CBN.
  • Abu Dhabi TV - worldwide Arabic-language channel
  • AFN American Forces Network, broadcasts worldwide via satellite, only available to US Forces and their families, but is available in South Korea.
  • Al Jazeera - based in Qatar, Arabic language
  • BBC - British Broadcasting Corporation, Worlds oldest TV Channel, based in the United Kingdom. Operating BBC World news and information service, BBC Prime and BBC Food general entertainment and lifestyle services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; BBC programming available in North America through local channels- BBC America, BBC Canada and BBC Kids.
  • BBC World Service - The Worlds oldest International Radio Station, programmes are broadcast in over 50 languages.
  • BFBS - British Forces Broadcasting Service, broadcast to British Armed Forces bases/ships around the world via satellite.
  • Cartoon Network - based in USA, distributed worldwide
  • CCTV - the major state television broadcaster in mainland China
  • CNN - several channels devoted to news broadcasting
  • Deutsche Welle, DW, (pronounced deh-veh) - based in Germany, also in English and Spanish
  • Discovery Channel - several channels devoted to science, technology, health, history, etc.
  • Disney Channel, based in the United States
  • EWTN - Catholic channel broadcasting across the world from Alabama.
  • Fox News - 24-hour news channel
  • France 24, new 24-hour news network in English and French based in France
  • TV Globo Internacional - Brazilian broadcaster, worldwide distribution
  • MTV - based in USA but with regionalized versions around the world (MTV2).
  • NHK World - International version of japanese national television NHK, broadcasts in English but focused on news
  • NHK World Premium - Broadcasts a mixture of news, sports and entertainment in Japanese worldwide via satellite as a subscription service
  • Press TV, 24-hour news network in English and based in Iran
  • RAI International - Italian state broadcaster, worldwide distribution
  • RTP Internacional - Portuguese state broadcaster, worldwide distribution
  • Russia Today - Russian news channel broadcasting in English 24/7 in over 100 countries spread over five continents, available on cable, satellite and online
  • Sky News - British based news channel broadcast internationally.
  • Sun Channel Tourism Television - 24-hour Tourism network in Spanish
  • Sony Entertainment Television Asia - Indian entertainment channel broadcasting in Hindi.
  • TBN - Christian television network based in the USA, worldwide distribution
  • Televisa - Mexican broadcaster, worldwide distribution
  • Thai Global Network
  • TV5MONDE - French language, worldwide distribution
  • Telefe Argentinian broadcaster, worldwide distribution
  • TVE Internacional - Spanish state broadcaster, worldwide distribution
  • Voice of America - is a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Programmes are produced in 45 languages.
  • VTV4 - International Vietnamese channel broadcasting from Hanoi.
  • Zee TV - Indian entertainment channel broadcasting in Hindi.

[edit] Distribution on several continents

This is a list of television channels with distribution on several continents via satellite or cable. Keep in mind that almost all European satellite channels can be seen in parts of Asia and Africa and vice versa. Such channels should not be listed.


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